Gamecraft Update: December 15, 2017

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This week there has not been much movement regarding the development of the platform. I have been involved with other things and I have not had much time, however, I have made progress in some things that will serve me in the future as support both for the development of the platform and in the development of user manuals.

First, I have created an user manual to know how to integrate Slack with Gamecraft. I think it’s not a simple process, on the part of Slack, since you have to know a bit how their platform works to create bots. However, I believe that with the guide I have done, the user will find this process easier. Later I will upload this guide in the repository wiki,

Then, I have started working on a couple of diagrams that will reflect the physical and logical architecture of the project. At the moment, what I have is this, but it still remains a lot. As the project progresses, these diagrams will have more and more detail.

Logical Architecture

Logical Architecture

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