Gamecraft Update: November 17, 2017


This week I took the opportunity to polish the Gamecraft features tree, that is, the features that the platform will offer to the users. In this post you will find a more detailed explanation of what a feature tree is and a diagram with the features that are expected to be implemented in Gamecraft.

The feature tree, introduced for the first time in 1990, is a model that organizes the main characteristics of a system into groups of characteristics that capture the scope of the project. Thus, at a glance you can get information on what a system will do at a high level. This type of models can contain many types of features:

  • Functional features (aspects related to the hardware and software of a system).
  • Non-functional features (aspects related to performance, internationalization or system maintenance).
  • Parameters such as the cost of developing the system or the different levels of detail of a characteristic.

The feature tree may be similar to the functional decomposition diagrams, depending on the methodology that was followed to create them.

The advantages and disadvantages of using a feature tree are summarized in this table.

The concept of feature tree is very easy to understand for the clients or users who will use this project.The revision of this model is very difficult for the reviewers, in the sense that those who see this type of diagrams are left with the ”written” part and do not go beyond to discover what is missing or failing.
The characteristics of this model are not only limited to those obtained in a software, but the feature tree can be used for physical products and services.In any case, many features may require additional information to ensure that the reader can understand them first.
It is often an effective way to define the scope of the project.







Now, with a little more knowledge about feature trees, in the following diagram, you will see the main features of Gamecraft. Click at the following image to obtain the diagram in a suitable size to be read.


Gamecraft Feature Tree

Gamecraft Feature Tree


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