Gamecraft Update: November 3, 2017

Integration with Sonarcloud

During this week, many changes have been made to the code of the project repository. Although many of these changes have been minor, two important advances have been made this week: the integration of the project with Sonarcloud and the development of the microservices to modify the database of work teams and projects.

With the goal in mind that Gamecraft becomes a project known openly and with the hope that many people are interested in the project and start contributing with the code, it is necessary to add systems that help maintain the quality of code. In this week, Sonarcloud was added so now, when a change is produced in the repository, the quality of the code will be analyzed.

Sonarcloud is a service that analyzes the quality of the source code to detect bugs, vulnerabilities
and code smells throughout the development process and generates reports in order to improve the situation.

You can see the quality of the project through the medal that exists in the README or through this link.

In addition to this, the development of the work teams microservice, which will allow manipulating the data stored in the work teams database, and the development of the projects microservice, which will allow manipulating the data stored in the projects database, were completed. This means that to add, modify or delete teams and projects from the database, requests must be sent to the API of the microservice beforehand.

It should be noted that within the platform, the users of a company will be organized into work teams (marketing team, developers team, artists team, etc.). The work teams will have permissions to be able to access according to which projects (games) created in the system. In any case, a user without team will not be able to access a project, except in the hypothetical case that the user is stored in a team in which only he is the member.

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