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Gamecraft is a continuous integration open-source platform focused on videogames development.

The continuous integration model emerges as one of the latest efforts to pursue high quality software. This model says that a better software can be produced if from time to time the source code of the project is downloaded, compiled, tests are executed, quality of code is analyzed and reports are generated.

However, in the games development world there are some drawbacks to use this model. The difficulty in installing, configuring and using a continuous integration environment, the integration with the workflows in the development teams and lack of free open-source platforms (we have Unity Cloud Build but it is not free and it can be only used in Unity projects) are three serious problems.

The goal of Gamecraft is to offer developers a free and open platform that can be used for any engine or programming language and with a user interface quite simple to use so that configuring the platform does not consume enough time.

The objectives list of this project is the following:

  • Facilitate the task of continuous integration within videogame development teams.
  • Design and creation of an extensible, scalable and high availability infrastructure.
  • Design and creation of a UI that is simple to use and adaptable to mobile devices.
This platform, aimed at both indies and video game studios of any size, has its code published in the following Github repository. Keep in mind that there are currently two branches: master and develop. The idea is to use develop as a branch where the latest version of the code will be stored and can be stable or not and use master as a branch where only stable code will be stored. For that reason, I recommend being in the develop branch to see the latest changes that are made to the project.
So, stay tuned as I hope to share more of what I’m learning and the challenges I’m facing with this project.

Hi there! My name is Ivan and I am a computer engineer. I was born in Segovia in 1993. Passionate about the world of new technologies, computer science and the world of game development. Always eager to continue my education and improve my technical skills.